Captain Brian's

A Seafood Restaurant & Market

Preserving the Florida Tradition of Seafood From Sea to Table

Fresh Oysters and Clams on the Half Shell at Captain Brian's

Captain Brian’s is dedicated to offering the freshest and widest variety of Shellfish around. Here is a taste of what we're offering right now!


Savage Blonde Oysters are cultivated in Savage Harbor Bay, Prince Edward island. These delicious oysters embody the full sweet flavors and briny notes the area is renowned for. Esteemed for their quality, these oysters ideal enjoyed raw on the half shell.


Onset Beach Oysters are an extremely popular oysters known for their quality and flavor. These beauties are robust, perfectly briny with a sweet finish! Perfect cocktail oysters, there’s no better way to start a meal.

Cape Cod Top Neck clams are tender and sweet and the perfect size to enjoy raw on the half shell.